The digital transformation of an industrial supply corporation

Product / ATF Vision

For over 25 years, ATF Services was focused on the business of temporary fence rentals. Then they decided to expand beyond providing products and into providing digital services.

There’s a good chance you’ll see the ATF logo on fences around construction sites and other open space barriers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They started making the move into remote, digital monitoring services—things like networked cameras, motion sensors, and lights—when they hit a snag. Their hardware was working well but their software wasn’t getting the job done. Clients weren’t able to coordinate multiple devices within the app and they were having a hard time navigating through the user experience. These and other roadblocks were obstructing ATF’s forward progress, so they came to Two Bulls/DEPT® for the next iteration of their product.

We didn’t just build a platform. We changed the business.

We designed a managed platform that’s easy to use and lets clients access multiple live camera feeds, but we didn’t stop there. We looked deeper into ATF’s service model and identified additional features that would make ATF even more valuable in the eyes of their clients. These included relatively straightforward things—like alerts and surveillance scheduling—as well as more specialized solutions. In one particularly inventive move, we integrated software that coordinates the deployment of security personnel from third-party vendors. In the end, we had developed a full suite of products that gave greater control to ATF and their clients.

“There is no better partner than Two Bulls/DEPT®. They have completely transformed our business.”

Robin Mysell, CEO at ATF Services


ATF’s market leadership is born of innovation.

ATF is now the most widely deployed security product for construction sites in Australia and New Zealand.  ATF Vision—powered by Two Bulls/DEPT® engineering— is now the fastest growing division within ATF Services.

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