A mobile-first approach to health and wellness with The Bachelor’s Sam Wood

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Sam Wood’s fitness program was thriving on the web. As internet usage migrated to mobile devices, his platform needed to keep up with his clients and their fitness goals.

Hundreds of thousands of faithful clients have looked to Sam Wood for daily diet, exercise, and mindfulness routines that help them make positive changes in their lives. Sam’s program, known as 28 by Sam Wood—thanks to its signature 28-minute workout—is updated every day with new recipes, routines, and articles. In the beginning, it made sense for Sam to deliver all of these things through a website. But modern audiences demand more. Sam needed to find a reliable way to integrate his program into the very busy lives of people who get most of their content on mobile devices, with a mind for increasing retention and boosting acquisition. That’s when Two Bulls/DEPT® entered the ring with a number of solutions.

We went mobile-first and put 28 by Sam Wood into people’s pockets.

We helped Sam Wood shift gears and get up to speed with the mobile world. First, we redesigned every component on the existing web platform to make it mobile-responsive. At the same time, we started building a mobile app that would reinvent the online workout, mindfulness and shopping experiences of 28 by Sam Wood.

We knew that the majority of existing clients were Apple users, so we set our sights on an iOS-first launch. We also knew that in six months time, iOS 11 was set for a global release. Launching an app alongside iOS11—with a design that takes full advantage of the platform’s new feature set—would draw a lot of attention to the app. We even had time to spin up a companion Apple Watch app.

Two Bulls/DEPT® went far beyond the build of a market-leading app. They became a key strategic partner in our business, driving commercial outcomes and helping us build internal capability.

Sam Wood, Co-Founder and CEO at Sam Wood


Strategy and implementation were rewarded with acknowledgement and accolades. 🏋️

Sam Wood is sensitive to the value of people’s time and effort—after all, he started a program centered around a streamlined 28-minute workout. The strategy we implemented honors his commitment to provide convenient and sustainable health and wellness practices to his clients. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. 28 by Sam Wood was awarded Apple's App of the Day and Editor's Pick, and it hit #1 in Health and Fitness. The product continues to grow and now functions as a platform for multiple fitness programs.