A data-driven solution to asthma management

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It’s hard for any one person to quantify the severity of their asthma symptoms, which can lead to difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

When it comes to setting goals, Respiri aims high. They envision a world where asthma symptoms no longer dominate the lives of those who struggle with the condition. They believe they can achieve this by extending asthma care beyond the clinician’s office and into the everyday lives of asthma patients and they’ve made incredible progress in the development of new technologies that support this cause. When Respiri invented a device that analyzes breath sounds to determine the severity of the wheeze in the breathing pattern, they knew they needed a partner app that could match the ingenuity of their hardware, so they called our team.

wheezo uses data to support the creation of personal asthma plans.

The wheezo device records a patient’s breathing for 30 seconds. The wheezo software—built by Two Bulls/DEPT®—uses a proprietary acoustic algorithm to analyze that recording and determine the patient’s “wheeze rate.” The wheeze rate is a quantifiable percentage of time spent wheezing. The app keeps track of this data so patients and doctors can make informed decisions about asthma management and update their Asthma Action Plan. In order to build the most accurate and actionable plan possible, the app also allows users to track other important asthma symptoms and  triggers, including location-specific weather conditions and environmental factors like pollen levels and air quality.

Absolutely fantastic app. Thoroughly impressed. Recommend it to all of my asthma suffering friends.

wheezo user


When people can take measure of their symptoms, they can improve their situation. 🌤

wheezo is one very important step on Respiri’s road to a world without the challenges of asthma. The entire system is designed to encourage and motivate people to take control of their asthma and proactively manage their symptoms. While there is no cure for asthma, access to innovative technology for symptom management has been proven to improve health outcomes, and that’s what this is all about.