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Battling depression with BeyondBlue.

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On average, eight Australians commit suicide each day. Specific population groups, particularly LGBTIQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, are at an increased risk of suicide.


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Two Bulls worked together with Beyond Blue to create Beyond Now; a mobile app that puts suicide safety planning (a structured plan to work through the tough moments in life) into your pocket. It helps those that experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis; allowing them to work through the steps until they feel safe.



Considering how we could cater specifically to vulnerable segments of the population to get the best health outcome was a key driver. Personalised experiences were an essential factor to enable us to speak directly to these communities.

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A mindful approach

The sensitivies and risks associated with suicide prevention were at the forefront of every decision. A human-centric approach was vital whilst considering the delicate state of mind our users were experiencing.

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A spirit of radical transparency and candour was necessary as we worked with our clients and partners to elevate their design guidelines and illustration styles to elegantly transfer into a native mobile space.

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The team moved swiftly to deliver beyond expectation. The secret sauce? A super transparent relationship with our client and a daily optimisation of our Feature Roll-Out Plan.

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Since the launch of the app, BeyondNow has been downloaded 36,000 times and approximately 16,000 safety plans have been completed.


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