Health and Fitness — 28 by Sam Wood

Breaking into the Health and Fitness charts.

28 by Sam Wood was a successful web-based fitness, wellness and nutrition program that could be done at home without any equipment.

However, their platform wasn't optimised for the majority of their customers — 80%, in fact — who were predominantly mobile users. Two Bulls set out to execute on a strategy that would see an uptick in customer retention, adoption and ultimately put Sam Wood in your pocket.


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“Hands down, this is the most I've physically exerted myself on any project. By actually immersing myself in the 28 by Sam Wood program for a month, not only did we accumulate a set of useful insights that set the direction for our product, I also dropped  8 kilos!"

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Andrew Chin
Creative Director at Two Bulls (and relatively unfit person)
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Given the majority of the existing demographic were Apple users, we set our sights on an iOS-first launch. We also knew that in 6 months time, iOS 11 was set for a global release.

Launching an app alongside iOS 11 (with their new feature set) would draw a lot of needed attention to the platform - perhaps even score the coveted App of the Day. Our determination saw the strategy through and the team committed to the ambitious 6 month timeframe.

Getting to work alongside The Bachelor himself (Sam Wood) also enabled advantageous marketing opportunities for the platform's launch.


28 by Sam Wood needed to launch loud within 6 months to attract a large number of new customers.

In parallel, to retain their existing customers, we needed to solve problems on the existing platform that were causing complaints and frustration.


— Native ios app
— Native Android app
— Apple Watch App
— iPad app
— responsive web design
— Brand revamp

Customer retention

Keeping users keen.

We meticulously redesigned every component on the existing web-platform to become responsive (mobile-first). This enabled users to take their workouts anywhere without being tethered to a desktop environment.

We simultaneously began to build a native mobile product to reimagine the workout, mindfulness and shopping experiences of the program. We utilised game-theory to design an experience that motivated users to regularly return to the app and keep on track.

Customer acquisition

To launch with a bang.

Making a splash meant to intentionally design the app to match iOS 11's unreleased UI, complement its new features and a launch a companion Apple Watch app.

Every micro-consideration, from usability to performance, was crafted and engineered to further enhance our chances of getting featured and ultimately drive adoption.


28 by Sam Wood was awarded Apple's App of the Day, Editor's Pick and hit #1 in Health and Fitness. The product continues to grow and now functions as a platform for multiple fitness programs.

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  • Featured App of the Day

  • Editor's Pick

  • #1 Health and Fitness App

“The value that Two Bulls delivered went far beyond the build of a market leading App. They became a key strategic partner in our business, driving commercial outcomes and helping us build internal capability.”

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Sam Wood
Co-Founder and CEO. Also The Bachelor
  • Strategy & Delivery
  • Research
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Product Strategy
  • Launch Planning & Release
  • Creative
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Engineering
  • Native iOS Development
  • Apple Watch App
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