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Highly Stirrable

Our culture is centered on creating great work. Just like our products, it’s built by innovative people and it evolves with the work being done and the clients coming through the door. We’re half-American, half-Australian, and every member of the company is an individual. We hire people because they do great work. We expect everyone to do great work and to enjoy being with others who feel the same. That makes for a great environment.

We Make
Ship Happen

Most importantly, we ship. Early and often. We move ideas and product out the door and into user’s hands. Companies don’t hire us to fiddle and tweak. We’re brought in when a problem needs solving, a product needs launching, a business needs growing. Now. Our team sizes are small by design so that each member’s contributions matter. We’re paid to deliver. Join us and you’ll see your work ship.

Great Culture,
Great Benefits

Doing great work is a benefit all on its own. Oh who are we kidding? You want the perks and we got ‘em. We are a positive, open culture and we support all of our team members to do their best work and grow. If we put you in a position to do great work it makes it easier to do more with your career and your life.
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