Vintrace, the champagne of winery management software.

Nov 16, 2016

Winemaking is an ancient art, with many historians believing its existence predates even water (many historians are known to over-imbibe, however). For thousands of years, we’ve been finding ways to improve our ability to make and consume wine, such as the wine industry pushing advances in biodynamic farming, movements from traditional glass bottle receptacles to boxes and cans, the creation of those beverage holding helmets with the straws, and of course use of divine intervention to turn water into something eminently more drinkable.

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The app has a modern Swift codebase utilising Alamofire for elegant and reliable networking code. The beautifully animated layouts are architected using the Cartography layout DSL.

The team at Vintrace are passionate about both wine and technology. Forming in 2006, and drawing on their extensive experience in the IT and winemaking industries to pursue the goal of delivering the most impressive digital tool kit to the global wine industry, Vintrace has successfully created the software infrastructure necessary to allow winemakers to move away from a paper-based system and focus on making great wine.

Two Bulls is delighted to support this noble goal, and together we’re proud to introduce the next step in Vintrace’s march towards a more perfect wine industry, moving away from traditional software to provide a more intuitive experience with the Vintrace iOS mobile app.
Kieran Byrne
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