Kids become the star of the show with augmented reality

Family / Weyo + Wiggles

Weyo wanted to create an alternative to traditional kids programming.

What parents often call “screen time” usually involves a lot of sitting around and zoning out because the vast majority of media is designed for passive audiences. This couch potato mentality doesn’t sit well with the good folks at Weyo. They believe kids' entertainment should be active and engaging, and they understand how technology can make that happen.

Fun Time With Faces started out as a fairly simple idea: put great educational content on a cutting edge AR platform that brings kids into the world of their favorite show. In order to get it done, Weyo teamed up with The Wiggles, Australia’s highly energetic children’s music group. To meet the technical challenges of the matter at hand, Weyo partnered with Two Bulls/DEPT®.

We built a totally immersive experience where kids can play and explore.

The Weyo engine, designed and developed by Two Bulls/DEPT®, provides a flexible framework that accommodates a wide range of content. This gives kids different ways to play within the app. They can step into the shoes of their favourite Wiggles character and explore interactive stories, they can put on a virtual mask and make silly faces, and they can join a singalong with The Wiggles and their friends.

Behind the scenes, the app is powered by a CMS that allows creatives to easily build new experiences without any technical expertise—a low cost, low friction process that ensures the app can continually give kids a reason to come back and play.

Two Bulls/DEPT® instantly understood what we wanted to achieve and relentlessly drove towards that goal.

Baz Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO at Weyo


The app became a popular hit and gained international recognition. 🕺

Wiggles fans rejoiced with the release of Fun Time With Faces. Kids were loving it and parents were thankful for an app that makes learning fun. That praise was amplified through some major acknowledgements. Across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the US, Fun Time with Faces appeared in the Apps We Love category. In Australia and New Zealand, the app was designated App of the Day, #1 Kids App and #1 Entertainment App.  It received recognition at the Licensing International Awards in Australia and New Zealand, and was named the iAward National Winner in the Consumer Market category.