Creative Engineering for a better planet

Family / Two Moos /DEPT® Original

OvO: Planet Engineer is a 3D game starring a space exploring owl. A learn-to code game for kids ages 7-12.

OvO: Planet Engineer is a learn-to-code game for kids ages 7-12. Players transform into OvO, an owl-like creature whose mission is to roam the galaxy searching for dying planets to bring them back to life using core coding concepts and robotics. The game is built in Unity3D for PC and uses procedural generation to create planetoid environments.

Combining entertainment, engineering and education

With years of experience helping Kids TV makers such as PBS KIDS extend their animated TV properties into the digital space, Two Moos/DEPT® decided it was about time we developed an educational game of our own!

Through whimsical explorative play, the game teaches kids to think like coders and engineers, helping to foster a coding mindset early in life. A valuable mindset both in and out of the classroom as STEM related careers are becoming increasingly essential.

With over 150 published game titles under our collective belt at Two Bulls/DEPT®, the Two Moos/DEPT® crew could not wait to get their hands dirty with our own creation. The result? A planet-loving, super smart nocturnal engineer with a love for all things kids and education. Sound familiar at all? 😉

Joey Egger, Managing Director Two Moos


We won Film Vic funding to create a “vertical” slice

Two Moos/DEPT® are proud to have won funding from the coveted Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment – Games program which supports high quality, diverse and engaging film, television and online content for Australian and International audiences. We'll use that funding to complete a vertical slice of this project, ie. a playable prototype of the core game elements.

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