Teaching media literacy to students in Australia

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The modern media landscape is full of misinformation. It’s hard for kids to know what is real and what is not.

The most successful disinformation campaigns are crafty and deceptive. They can present a real danger to anyone who’s caught off guard—especially children. While kids can be kept safe from harm out here in the real world, it’s harder to do so online where they’re naturally more exposed. In order to become savvy in their media consumption, they need to learn about the pitfalls and perils of misguided narratives and fake news. 

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation—a charitable organization on a mission to safeguard our childrens’ future—set out to do just that. In order to tackle the challenge of educating children in a digital world, they found a partner in Two Moos.

We built a platform where kids can learn how the media works.

Together with The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, along with funding from google.org (Google’s charitable arm), we created The Media Literacy Lab, an educational platform for students and teachers in schools around Australia. The platform presents students with a series of engaging and interactive learning modules that give them the skills they need to navigate the world of online media. Lessons include topics such as democracy, information bubbles and issues of discrimination. The Media Literacy Lab allows teachers to create customized lesson plans and track the progress of each student, and was designed to accommodate different situations and teaching styles, including classroom, blended and remote learning.

The platform’s interactive features are undoubtedly engaging and the content has been very well conceived to prompt students to think critically and deeply about their media use.

Michael Dezuanni, Associate Professor at Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology


Media Literacy Lab teaches kids to examine their relationship with the media. 👾

Media Literacy Lab engages secondary students around Australia in essential media literacy education through an innovative, gamified resource that reflects youth experiences. With Media Literacy Lab, students learn how to look out for themselves while also learning how to responsibly influence their peers.