The first pediatric telehealth service in Australia

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Everyone wants what’s best for their child’s health and wellbeing. Not everyone knows how to get it.

There’s a very steep learning curve for those who are new to parenting. Everything is new and unfamiliar because kids grow and change so quickly. This can be very exciting, and it can also be unnerving. That’s why families often wind up in the emergency room or doctor’s office only to learn that the whole situation could have been handled at home. Doctors see this all the time.

Two doctors, in particular, decided they had seen too many frazzled parents struggling to do the right thing in the absence of proper guidance. Dr. Sidney Sunwoo and Dr. Sandy Hopper went looking for ways to help parents navigate the uncertainty that prevails when a kid’s not feeling well. In their search for solutions, they were introduced to Two Bulls (Part of DEPT®).

We transported the pediatrician into the patient’s home.

We discovered a gaping hole in telehealth services throughout Australia—none of them worked with pediatricians. So our team started  building KidsDocOnCall. The service allows doctors to speak with parents and patients in a secure, virtual environment. Diagnoses and recommendations can be made in real time. The app even facilitates any follow-up conversations that might be necessary. And KidsDocOnCall is available around the clock, because everybody knows that kids don’t stop.


A tele-med service that meets the needs of the modern family. 🏥

KidsDocOnCall fits perfectly within the hyperconnected world of its clients. Now, there are no more anxious car rides and no more crowded waiting rooms for just a band-aid. Parents can worry less about lost time and wasted money, and feel confident that their child will get the right level of attention they need and deserve for anything that may happen at home or on the playground.