Inventing a new mobile format for kids’ entertainment

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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, yet the vast majority of kids content is still presented in the same old way.

These days, most kids watch shows on mobile devices, yet most shows hardly ever put that touchscreen technology to use within the viewing experience. Enter Hellosaurus, a company that has a different sort of vision for the future of kids entertainment and storytelling—one that bridges the gap between traditional video content and interactive gaming, all in the service of one simple idea: less watching, more playing. To achieve this, they started a business that is part production studio, part tech company. When it came time to build out the tech capabilities of their venture, they turned to Two Moos/DEPT®.

An app at the intersection of mobile content and games for kids.

Hellosaurus’s approach to digital content creation and distribution would not be easy to pull off. Among other things, they were looking to overlay interactive components on top of live action and animated video content. Fortunately, Two Moos/DEPT® is uniquely suited to meet those challenges. In short order, we were well on our way to building the software that would turn Hellosaurus content into a playground for kids. As the platform neared completion, a vastly different and very unexpected challenge came to the forefront. COVID-19 arrived on the scene, and we made the necessary pivot quickly to bring The Birthday Show to help kids celebrate their special day from home.

“We are excited to be giving creators tools that allow them to pioneer an entirely new type of content format and open a new world of digital play for kids.”

James Ruben, Founder and CEO at Hellosaurus


An unexpected challenge—bringing kids together to celebrate during the pandemic. 🥳

Early in the pandemic, we decided to use the platform to bring kids together remotely with The Birthday Show. To fill the immediate need, we worked as fast as we could to launch the first episode ahead of schedule. The show features a real-life host who guides kids through the experience. They can eat cake, open presents, hit a pinata or go on a treasure hunt—all virtually, of course. The show was an instant success that quickly gained momentum. Within six months, the platform became home to a number of household names and YouTube stars with a combined global reach of over 200 million viewers.