An app to help patients in a pandemic

Health / CovidCare

CovidCare™ is our collaboration with leading health industry experts from the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology.

Two Bulls/DEPT® deployed CovidCare into clinics in just two weeks. After initial user trials, and in close partnership with the University of Melbourne (The Department of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School and The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health) - we deployed CovidCare into formal Clinical Trials in Fever Clinics around Australia. Providing at-home support for those with COVID-19 symptoms, and driving crucial health data to better inform future health related decision making for policy makers.

CovidCare helps people make informed decisions about when and where to seek medical attention.

It was a frenzied moment for the world, and we were inspired to stay calm and build something. We knew our technical experience and professional network could have a very real impact. After careful consideration and planning with a select group of clinicians, we built CovidCare.

CovidCare provides education around common signs of COVID-19 and lets users track their own symptoms and vital signs directly in the app. As a patient periodically updates their symptoms, CovidCare can recognize trends and offer appropriate guidance. For the mildly symptomatic, the app provides support during self-isolation. If symptoms worsen, the patient is advised to see a medical practitioner. If a person’s case requires medical attention but isn’t considered an emergency, they’ll be diverted away from the hospital and towards a COVID clinic, which can alleviate stress on emergency rooms.


We deployed CovidCare into clinics in just two weeks.

With the pandemic looming and no time to spare, CovidCare was quickly assembled and launched into formal clinical trials around Australia. Once in the hands of patients, it became apparent that CovidCare provides a much-needed sense of control to those who are confronted with the uncertainty of a COVID diagnosis. CovidCare gives them the power to confidently seek the right level of care—a benefit that can also ease the pressure on overburdened hospitals.