Bringing medicinal cannabis into the digital age

Product / Althea, Inc

Althea was looking for modern ways to help people benefit from the ancient remedies of medicinal cannabis.

Althea is an Australian producer, supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis. Beyond manufacturing and logistics, the company also supports patients and doctors as they navigate the pathways to effective medicinal cannabis treatment, including educational efforts and treatment planning services. In order for these programs to be effective, they need to be widely accessible and easy to use. In searching for tech-enabled ways to broaden the accessibility of their offerings and improve patient outcomes within a highly regulated industry, Althea found a partner in Two Bulls.

Althea Concierge empowers patients and doctors to create interactive treatment plans. 

We designed and built Althea Concierge, a free online service for patients and doctors. Patients can access their treatment plans and prescriptions through the Althea Concierge mobile app on iOS and Android. The app provides daily guidance with alerts about timing and dosage of medicine. Patients can also use the app to record a baseline for their symptoms and then track their progress over time. Doctors have access to a web-based experience that lets them check patient progress in real time. The doctor’s platform also streamlines state and federal government processes, making it easier for them to prescribe medicinal cannabis and establish interactive treatment plans with their patients. 


Interactive treatment plans can adapt to patient needs and advance Althea’s business. 

In 2020, Althea Concierge doubled the number of prescriptions for Althea products in Australia from 5,000 in February to 10,000 in November. In that same year, the business also expanded into Germany, a country with an estimated cannabis market of €1.5 billion by 2025. Althea is expected to enter the South African market in 2021. Althea Concierge continues to help doctors measure the efficacy of different treatment plans across a number of medical conditions, yielding data that can be used to build even more effective treatment plans for their patients over time.

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