Your Child’s Doctor. Anytime, Anywhere.


Being a new parent is hard. When your child is sick in the middle of the night and you have burning questions for your doctor, it’s even harder to find the assistance you need. KidsDocOnCall was founded by paediatric specialists Dr Sidney Sunwoo and Dr Sandy Hopper. They wanted to help parents where they most need it, at home by creating a specialised telehealth service for children.

Our Work

We went through the entire gamut with KidsDocOnCall. From inception to product we helped KidsDocOnCall develop their brand identity while creating an entire telehealth experience that allows doctors and patients to converse and diagnose health problems over a video conference at any time of day. Once the consultation is complete, doctors can manage prescriptions, send referrals and give medical certificates to patients in need.

The Result

KidsDocOnCall has just started their closed beta and is accepting patients across Australia