Asthma Monitoring Made Easy


Respiri is an ASX-listed company driving technology to manage asthma. They were looking for a development partner to put their patented technology into practice.

Our Work

Paired with their proprietary device the app provides a diagnostic aid to clinicians for patients who suffer from Asthma, our team developed iOS & Android apps that perform on-device signal analysis based on proprietary acoustic algorithm. Together, they determine a patient’s Wheeze Rate - the percentage of wheeze detected in a patient's breathing. With a goal of creating an asthma management app that genuinely changes lives, our product designers engaged with clinicians and respiratory specialists to better understand the needs of the patient and identify the data that would make managing the condition easier for doctors. The result combined Wheeze Rate measurement, self reporting and digital Asthma Management Plans to create a one-of-a-kind app for patients. Developed for FDA and HIPAA Compliance.

The Result

Wheezo is currently being trialed in collaboration with clinicians.