Storybook In A Robot? We Can Do That!

Jibo Technologies

Two Moos/DEPT® partnered with Jibo Technologies to develop a first of its kind: an interactive storybook for children within a talking, moving AI robot named Jibo. The storybook, "A Rhino Named Paul", lets children interact with Jibo who is their narrator and interactive playmate during the telling of the story.

Our Work

We worked closely with the Jibo creative team to build and devise a first-of-its-kind game flow that accounted for multiple simultaneous interactions. Jibo-as-narrator voice, animatronics, camera tracking, voice and touch interaction - and all for preschoolers. The experience was built in Adobe Animate and integrated with Jibo's custom SDK.

The results

The Jibo team was very happy with the outcome. It tested well with kids during alpha and beta testing. We can’t wait to dive into more robotics projects that create playful experiences for families!