Smart Sensor Technology for Peace of Mind


AbiBird is a wholly owned division of ATF Services. AbiBird brings ATF's sensor technology expertise inside family homes across Australia and the world. The technology enabled unobtrusive, low-power and reliable monitoring without needing internet access. Abibird monitors the activity of our elderly loved ones, and when that activity stops or varies from a routine, an alert is sent to your phone to let you know you should check in.

Our Work

ATF Services developed the AbiBird movement sensor to use Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT), which is a cellular communications technology to connect devices. Out team developed the cloud infrastructure and iOS and Android apps that allowed a carer to set up routines and alerts enabling remote care of independently living relatives and loved ones, bringing peace of mind to the carer. ATF Services continued researching NBIoT and developed a wearable alert button, which our team helped develop into the AbiButton - when activated, sends a distress notification to carers including the location of the wearer. All devices and supporting apps share one vision: to be simple and unobtrusive while being 100% reliable on both ends.

The Result

The AbiBird product is available in Australia and New Zealand, and the business has plans to launch in the US, the UK, Spain, Germany, and other parts of the world as NBIoT becomes more widely available. Their latest product, AbiFit, was developed in collaboration with The Epilepsy Centre South Australia. For more information visit