Presenting at SXSW 2014

Mar 19, 2014

We're back in the office this week, after a huge couple of weeks in Austin, TX presenting at both SXSWEdu and SXSW Interactive.  Both sessions were really well received and it was great to team up with our friends from Sesame Workshop and Qualcomm.

Using Qualcomm’s AllJoyn technology combined with the Unity SDK, this multi-screen game prototype sees Sesame Street’s resident fairy, Abby Cadabby flying from a television into a tablet screen and back again as she instructs, demonstrates and interacts with the child, opening up magical new interactive learning opportunities on the way!  You can watch a demonstration of the prototype in the following clip:


The panels included the project team from Sesame Workshop, Qualcomm and Two Bulls and will focused on the technical and creative production processes in making an immersive multi-screen game experience using AllJoyn and Unity SDK for a preschool audience.

SXSW Panel Speakers

You can watch our Panel from SXSW Interactive  below - however please note this was recorded on an iPhone, so excuse the shakes and slightly muffled audio!

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