Making Business Cards Fun

Sep 22, 2012

We're a digital company that makes digital products. The problem is that, in the real world, people still exchange paper business cards (yes, they really do!) so it's hard to give a real sense of what you do with an analog object. We wanted our cards to share a taste of what we do while still being aesthetically pleasing. It also wouldn't hurt if the card was something you didn't want to toss in the bin after you copied the info from it. With that in mind, we went about designing a new business card...


The design of front of the card evolved into a design that is fairly minimalist and functional.  Standard contact details, and a logo. The back of the card is where we bring things to life.  One of our designers (who's a really impressive painter) created a digital piece to use and with a not-so-subtle reference to our name (wink wink).  We liked his work so much that it now hangs on canvas in our offices in both New York and Melbourne:

With the artwork for the back of our card developed, our card was coming together. Now we had to bring it to life.

The Result

Given our experience and passion for Augmented Reality, this was a perfect opportunity to showcase what is possible with smartphones and give people an experience that augments the real world. Really bringing a bit of our digital 'magic' to the analog world.

The result is Pumpkins in a Pocket Garden, an iOS app that turns the back of our business card into an interactive garden scene with trees, pumpkins, real-world-gravity and a truly unique experience for a business card!  Playing with it is really the only way to do it justice, but for now you can check out this video showing it in action:

Having a purely digital experience means we'll also be able to update the experience over time with new showcases of AR fun for our friends. You can download in a Pocket Garden for your iOS device on the app store now and play it for yourself. Enjoy!

Don't have our card? You can download the back of the card as an image, or click the image above.

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