Two Bulls at CES 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Grovers Block Party is a prototype application showcasing Qualcomm's Alljoyn and Vuforia technologies, using the loveable Sesame Character Grover who helps kids play with ABC blocks via a Tablet connected to an Android powered TV.

As kids play, Grover interacts with them.  He suggests shapes to build, highlights words they've spelt, plays videos when create specific words or objects, and triggers animations directly on the blocks themselves.


Using the tablet's camera, and Qualcomm's Augmented Reality Vuforia technology, we are able to track which blocks kids are playing with, and where they are in their playing space.  Using Artificial Intelligence routines and procedural animations, we can ensure Grover interacts differently each time the child plays with their blocks.

This leads to incredible levels of variation and depth in the experience for kids.  Results from kid testing are also showing engagement levels that are orders of magnitude greater than typical kids apps from kids when playing with their blocks with Grover.

We had a great response at CES at the Qualcomm booth - most people asked "Can I buy this for my kids now?!"  As this is currently a prototype, the answer to that question is "Not yet, but watch this space!"  

We were even lucky enough to have US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker (far right) drop by to checkout Grover in action:

IMG_0023_2 We're hard at work with our friends at Qualcomm and Sesame Street Workshop on the next phase of the project - so watch this space!

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