Den Hemmelige Parken

Jun 13, 2010

People of Norway, prepare yourselves. We know you think lutefisk is pretty awesome, so we're assuming you're really going to like Den Hemmelige Parken. And it takes place in Oslo's favorite park: Vigelandsparken! With the generous support of Oslo's Kulturetaten and the extremely generous sponsorship of Norway's premier telco, Netcom, this game is set to rock the Summer park set.

The best way to understand what Den Hemmelige Parken is all about is to go to Vigeland's park in Oslo and check it out. The second best way is to download it the app (for free!) and play it in walkthrough mode (for English speakers there is a translated version for you). Of course, if you want to go old school, set up The Hidden Park in your local hood and see where it all began.


In 2009, Two Bulls launched The Hidden Park, a ground breaking mobile application which provides an hour-long augmented reality adventure in the park for families and children of all ages. The Hidden Park was heralded internationally with Advertising Age calling it "the iPhone's gold standard experience app." It went on to win two awards at the World Parks Day 2010 conference for its innovation. Since its launch, the app has rolled out from an original 10 parks to more than 200 parks added by our users around the world with more added every day.  Since June 2010, Apple have featured it on their Apps for Mums & Dads page.

In 2010, Two Bulls partnered with the Norwegian mobile provider NetCom (part of TeliaSonera) and the Norwegian Cultural Ministry to release a custom version of our app, called The Hidden Park: Soul of the Stone in Vigelands Park, Norway. This joint venture has been a smash success with thousands of users coming to Vigelands park to play the game. To learn more and see photos of people playing the game in the park, visit our Facebook page.

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