Australian Mobile Awards

Aug 03, 2012

We're excited to announce that we've been short listed in two categories of the Australian Mobile Awards for 2012!  The Australian Mobile Awards showcase leading mobile achievements through a broad selection of categories.  Winners are announced at the 2012 Mobile Awards Night on the 30th August 2012.

Help us win in either category by voting for our entries in the awards!

Online Shopping & Payments: Catch Of The Day iPhone App

Catch of the Day is Australia's leading online retailer - Two Bulls worked with the team at Catch to create the iOS App that allows thousands of customers to access deals anywhere, anytime on their iOS device!


The App was featured by Apple as "App of the Week" for launch week and was the #1 Lifestyle app on the Australian App Store.

Best Studio between 5 and 20 people: Two Bulls

We've been nominated for best Studio between 5 and 20 people!   We've been working with clients like Sesame St, Victoria's Secret, GE,, Schweppes, Deloitte and many others creating corporate, consumer, B2B and eCommerce apps for the past four years.

We also co-created Breadcrumb Point of Sale for the iPad which was sold to Groupon in April 2012, created the My Parx network for parks around the world, and debuted the world's first arcade game on a t-shirt, Yolk 'Em, using revolutionary augmented reality technology!  We love what we do!

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