Bento Box Shapes is Australian Mobile Awards Finalist!

Sep 23, 2013

finalist75Bento Box Shapes, the first app out from Two Bulls kids, has come up as a finalist for the Australian Mobile Awards 2013.

Built to be an engaging and highly understandable experience for kids that can be played along side parents, we're thrilled to be up there in the Children & Early Childhood Development category, amongst other awesome entries.

However there's still some distance for Bento Box Shapes to go, and that's where we could use your help! The Australian Mobile Awards invites the public to get involved and vote on their favorite entries, and we'd love it if you jumped over to the Bento Box Shapes entry page and shared your rating!

To do so, simply head to our entry page and click 'I want to rate this entry'. From there, the Mobile Awards website will walk you through the rest!

We're really happy with the fantastic reception Bento Box Shapes has received over the past couple of months, and looking forward to the results of the Mobile Awards!
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