Enterprise — ATF Vision

Transforming a legacy business into a technology leader.


ATF leadership had a vision to transform their business from a company renting temporary fences on construction sites into a digital services company offering surveillance solutions. They had identified a hardware solution for cameras appropriate for deployment on remote sites, but the existing software that came with the devices was not servicing their needs. The software was difficult to navigate and clients with multiple cameras couldn’t manage them appropriately.


Two Bulls designed a platform that brought the cameras together into a system that allowed ATF to manage them and allowed their clients to have access to multiple live feeds. We identified and implemented key features such as alerts, surveillance scheduling and integrating  software to manage and deploy security personnel from third party vendors. Two Bulls developed a full suite of products including mobile web apps for ATF clients and a backend CMS for ATF system wide management. We built a robust backend cloud infrastructure to service these products.


Disruption on the Horizon

ATF could see they needed to evolve and build a business model that would last the next quarter century. They looked to us to help them build a bulwark from the coming wave of disruptive challenge.


Domain Expertise

ATF carefully reviewed their industry position and identified where they had expertise and market presence that could be leveraged. Two Bulls worked closely with ATF to identify products and opportunities, ideating quickly.


It can be daunting for a legacy company to chart a path through transformation, but leadership were determined to build an ATF that would stand the test of time.

Leadership & Vision


Agile Partners in Change

Through a process of rapid innovation and prototyping, we quickly arrived at a working proof of concept. We now understood the problem domain and how to build a platform to scale.

05. Launch

Successful Transformation

We went from an initial introduction to a working prototype in 3 months … then to a fully deployed production solution in 5 months … now scaled out across thousands of sites in Australia & New Zealand.

Iterating with machine learning

After developing and deploying the base platform we received feedback that the alerts system was offering false positives, detecting movement from natural events such as rain or wind and interpreting them as a reportable incident.

Two Bulls subsequently integrated machine learning algorithms that could identify and distinguish between detectable movements. Removing false positives with machine learning vastly improved the user experience and value of the product overall.

“There is no better partner than Two Bulls. They have completely transformed our business.”

A picture of Robin Mysell
Robin Mysell

How we helped ATF.

  • Strategy & Delivery
  • Product Roadmap
  • 3rd party dependencies
  • Use case development
  • Creative
  • UI / UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Hardware Integration


  • Fastest growing part of ATF.
  • Most widely deployed security product for constructions sites in Australia and New Zealand.
  • ATF are now Mobotics leading buyer globally.
  • Substantially increased the value of the ATF business.
  • Elevated ATF from being a legacy business to a tech leader.